Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Ripples In The Sand

Patterns left in the sand as the tide goes out fascinate me as evidenced by the many photos on my phone and woven shibori seemed like a way I could reproduce them in my weaving. My main reference was the book, Woven Shibori by Catharine Ellis which the awesome Auckland Library has available has an e-book and then lots of looking around the internet. 
All gathered up ready for dyeing.
Starting to gather up the pattern threads.

The warp and weft is 2ply wool from Anna Gratton and the shibori pattern weft is 10/2 cotton. 
I wove the fabric in tabby and the pattern weft was woven in some simple twills. I used acid dyes and fully imersed the bundles in the dye solution, then applied another colour(s) with a brush along the edges and steamed it to set.  Some patterns were more successful than others but overall I was pleased with the results.

And then I cut it up and made a jacket.  The pattern is the Indochinese Jacket from Creative Dressing by Kaori O'Connor. This book has sewing and knitting patterns as well as being an interesting read and  I recommend picking up a copy if you ever come across it.  It was published in the 1980s which is when I got my copy :)