Sunday, 1 October 2017

Moorman weaving experiments

I had the good fortune to be given some old weaving magazines and books a couple of months ago.  Amongst them were a couple on the Theo Moorman weaving technique - "Weaving as an Art Form" by Theo Moorman and "Weaving that Sings" by Joyce Harter and Nadine Sanders and after reading   them I was excited to do some experimenting.

The squares in the background are the first exercises in "Weaving as a Art Form".  From there I tried a few different ideas until I ran out of warp.  The square on the left hand side is strips of indigo-dyed silk left from a sewing project, after washing the background went wonky on the sides but I still like how the this piece worked out.

This piece was a bit of freeform weaving just to see how easy or not to weave pictures.  I think it is probably easier if you actually have the design drawn up to copy rather than making it up as you go.

  And last but not least, I used up the loom waste from a recent weaving project, knotting the ends together to make the pattern weft.  I quite like how this turned out.