Wednesday, May 17, 2017

17 May 2017

 We had a challenge at our Spinners & Weavers Group retreat to create a wallhanging referencing the design of a cloak with a border and ties at the neck.  The main body was knitted using a strand of flax/harakeke and in my case jute.

The border was woven using a simple outdoor loom made of yarn tensioned between tent pegs stuck in the ground ( I really thought there'd be a photo of something like that on the internet but I can't find one).  Anyway here's my border fresh off the loom, these are all bits of plant from my garden.

 And then I brought it home and played with it a bit more, added some more stuff to the top (bits of actual harakeke flowers and flowers made from harakeke leaves. Then I joined the knitting and the border together and attached it to a stick so I could hang it up.

Finally I added some harakeke seed pods to the bottom, which seem to have an infinite number of seeds in them.

And now it hangs on a bedroom door casually dropping harakeke seeds below.

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