Friday, 1 January 2016

Blanket Blues

First post of the year and I'll start with something I made last year, my one and only handmade Christmas present, a lap blanket for my parents. 

Warp: natural Merino 4 ply from DEA Yarns, dyed rather unevenly by me.  This is a lovely soft yarn.
 Weft:   Alternating rows of  Merino 4 ply yarn (same as warp) and handspun, "Ocean''  pure Corriedale Wool from Anna Gratton Ltd

 Pattern: Monk's Belt from "Handweaver's Pattern Book" by Anne Dixon, p98.
 I underestimated how much of the merino 4 ply yarn I would need for the weft and twice had to dye some more.  It was getting a bit desperate as I used up all my navy dye in the first batch and had to mix up something close from my remaining dyes. Blue dyes are definitely on my shopping list once the holiday break is over.  

I was a bit worried that this was a crazy present to give in summer, especially when we have had some really hot and sticky days but my Mum feels the cold a lot now (a chemo side-effect) and she used it while we were staying so I guess it wasn't so crazy after all.