Monday, 13 July 2015

New to Me Dollshouse

I've bought a second-hand dollshouse from TradeMe.  It's a Classical Dollshouse and Basement from Dollshouse Emporium. Some of the interior was completed but not to my taste so I have spent the last couple of days stripping wallpaper and carpet ready to start the makeover.

I thought the dollshouse seemed quite large until I started putting my Mackintosh furniture in it.  The furniture is from a range the Dollshouse Emporium used to sell, there was a house as well but it wasn't ever in my price range.  It is a lovely house though, so if anyone wanted to give me one I wouldn't say no.
Next step, undercoating the interior and exterior, getting rid of that dark blue, and deciding whether I want to try wiring the house.