Sunday, 4 January 2015

More Weaving.

Another bag, this one used handspun and commercial yarn in the warp and weft. 

 And my first weaving project for 2015, a blanket made in two pieces. I got a new rigid heddle loom for Christmas, an Ashford 60cm, so now it's time to practice.


Merenia said...

Okay, first of all am distracted by lush garden and moody skies in background. Baking over in Adelaide.
Love the sister bag! Rug is incredible. Where are you getting all the wool for this weaving habit??? It's like me wanting to preserve and cook with summer fruits and needing a lot of friends with fruit trees to firt give me produce.

petal said...

Those photos make the garden look a lot better than it is, most of the green is weeds. I have some handspun for weaving but mostly it is yarn I have bought, some of it quite a while ago so the cost does restrict what I'm doing.