Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Monthly Stitch November challenge - From a Sewing Book

 The challenge for November was to make something from a sewing book.   I have had this sewing book for 2 or 3 years and have made a couple of other items from it. The designer is Natsuno Hiraiwa, her website is gorgeous to look at. Both of her books are now available in English but it isn't too hard to follow the illustrated instructions in the Japanese versions. I made the skirt shown on the cover, however my photo is not as artistic, so here is my skirt looking slightly crumpled because it has been worn and is made from linen.

And here it is with the buttons done up.  You can also spin the skirt around and have the buttons done up on the side, no photo of that as my photographer had to go to school.


 While this is not the most glamorous skirt I like it and can see myself wearing it a lot this summer.

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