Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Bertie Bunny

This is Bertie Bunny, my first proper attempt at needle-felting.  I enrolled in Needle Felt a Furry Friend class from The Amazings and just followed the instructions.  I like the format of the video lessons in The Amazings classes, there is a tutor and a student and it is quite friendly and chatty.  At the moment I think you can have a free trial of most of the classes, which is a good way of seeing if you like this style of  class or not. 

I have read needle felt instructions in a few books and magazines but this class is more like going to a workshop, only cheaper. One handy tip I learnt was to use fibre-fill as the main core of the body and limbs and then cover it with the wool, this saves using so much wool and the fibre fill is a lot cheaper.  I've also discovered that if you leave bits of wool and the felting needles out, other members of the household will not be able to resist the temptation to try their hand at needle felting too. It is good fun and slightly therapeutic as you stab away, just watch out for your fingers.

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