Wednesday, 29 May 2013

For some people, small, beautiful events are what life is all about.

After the rain and hail and freezing cold yesterday, it was nice to enjoy a bit of sunshine today while reading the latest edition of Selvedge fresh from the letterbox.

I am hoping to sew up one more Burda pattern before the sew-a-long finishes. I've got as far as tracing off the pattern and cutting out the fabric.

I just use lunch-paper to trace patterns which is a bit narrow so I end up sticking pieces together. Actually I think its proper name is greaseproof paper, we call it lunch-paper in our family cause that's what our school lunches used to get wrapped in. I have a variety of objects that I use as weights to hold the paper while I trace the pattern, these  are some bars I bought from the $3 Japan Shop a while ago. Anyway, hopefully I will be back with a finished garment soon.


Anonymous said...

Here in NZ lunch paper and grease proof paper are different things. Lunch paper has no coating, just plain paper but grease proof paper has a sort of waxy (?) finish, I think pen ink would not stick to it ;) Lunch paper is great for tracing, I'm excited that you are going to try and make one more things before May is over :)

Anonymous said...

Err I'm not sure why I started that comment with "Here in NZ..," since I've already guessed you're in NZ too, haha

petal said...

That's OK. I was wondering if lunch paper is a NZ term or used elsewhere, when I google lunch paper the results seem to be mainly about brown paper bags.