Sunday, 24 February 2013

I hope you can't have too many scarves as I seem to be building up quite a collection.  This one is knitted from some handspun romney that was a Christmas gift from Spinners & Weavers group; well the fleece was a gift, I'm responsible for the spinning, good or bad.

The pattern is Unleaving from Knittyspin: First Fall 2012.  My version is quite a bit shorter than the pattern; I used up all my yarn to get to this length. It's long enough to go around my neck so that's the main thing.  The pattern is easy to follow and I'm keen to try it again.


Monday, 11 February 2013

Coconut Ice

Trying out felting Polwarth for the first time.  It is lovely and soft so I'm thinking I might try making a scarf from the some of the fleece left.  The flowers are using scraps from spinning the yarn in the last post. And why is this post called Coconut Ice? Well my husband said the purse reminded him of coconut ice when it was drying on the table.

Friday, 8 February 2013

 Hmm!, What's this?  It looks good enough to eat.  
(That's a bad thought, Bonnie, put it out of your mind!)

It does look yummy though, doesn't it.  My daughter was drinking a guava fizzy drink and the two looked like they belonged together. 
Fibre: 80%Merino 20% silk blend, 50g, hand-dyed Fuchsias shade from