Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Poorly Quilt

The last couple of days I have been mending this:

I made this quilt for my son, when he moved from the cot to a big bed.  I freely admit that my quilt making skills are not the best and this is the first quilt I ever made, however it did the job and at some stage made the move to my daughter's bed where she shared it with the dog. Unfortunately one of the fabrics I used totally fell apart, at first I just patched or oversewed the rips but then it reached the stage where it was just one big mess so I chucked it in the cupboard and ignored it.

The other day I pulled it out to use as a picnic rug as I thought we might as well use it and it couldn't really  be wrecked any more than it was. Since then it has been lying on the sofa while my daughter talked about how it was her favourite quilt (we won't mention that it's her only quilt) so I decided to bite the bullet and try and mend it.  I have used up every reel of blue thread I own and found that I don't have many blue cottons in my fabric stash, but the poorly quilt is now not so poorly and ready to return to my daughter's bed, where I shall ignore the dog sleeping on all my hard work.

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Mary Nanna said...

great resurrection - couldn't believe it was the same quilt. I would have been tempted to put that one into the 'too hard' basket.