Monday, 30 May 2011

Old Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh

We wandered up the road from where we were staying and found this cemetery. Beautiful in its own way and fascinating, the monuments form streets of little buildings and there was evidence that the ones with intact roofs are used as shelters today.

On a different note, has anyone used patterns from Merchant & Mills? I like the look of several of them, especially the Top No.64, the Park Lane dress and The Panel dress.


Merenia said...

Thats an amazing cemetery and with such views!

How divine are those Merchant and Mills patterns... I love them all but the Dea is my favourite. And here I was thinking Hay on Wye with it's forty plus bookshops did books, not patterns! I love the fabrics and colours they're made up in. Are you going to succumb?

petal said...

You would look great in Dea. I am tempted but the patterns are 20 pounds, so about NZ$40, so I'd like to be sure I'd use them more than once.