Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Finally a refashion

Now that my Wardrobe Refashion pledge time has finished, I have actually refashioned something, a dress from the op shop. I loved the fabric but the style wasn't really me so I unpicked it all and ended up with a lot of bits which have sat in a pile for months. And then magically, one morning I woke up and they had reassembled themselves into this top. OK, parts of that last sentence may not be completely true but wouldn't it be good if clothes would just assemble themselves from fabric and patterns left lying next to each other. I would have an awesome wardrobe. Anyway back to reality, the pattern is Simplicity 2593. I'm not sure about the draped neckline, I don't think I've got it looking quite right and it seems to flip over a bit when I'm wearing it. It's not serious enough to stop me wearing it though.

Have now unpicked the neckband and resewn it on, in an attempt to get it to sit better.


Merenia said...

Hello, your top looks lovely and the fabric looks like a liberty print!

petal said...

The print was what attracted me at the op shop, and it is a lovely soft cotton. I wish I could find material like that at the local fabric shops.