Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Little Baskets

Inspired by the beautiful baskets woven by Suzie Grieve of @foragedfibres I have been weaving some little baskets of my own using fibres from the garden, paper twine and some cotton from loom waste.
 Fibres included grasses, harakeke,arum lily stalks & leaves& daffodil leaves.

Friday, 7 February 2020

Colour & Weave

I'm having fun and improving my weaving skills as I work my way through the previous seasons of the Jane Stafford Online Guild.  These towels are from the Season 2 - Colour & Weave Gamp warp. It's fascinating to see the variety of patterns you can make from only 2 colours of warp and weft and plain weave.

Warp and weft: 8/2 cotton
Loom: Ashford Jack Loom

Friday, 29 March 2019

Loquat Leaf Dye

"Glossy, bright green loquat leaves (Eriobotrya japonica) make beautiful coral pinks and reds without additional mordant; with iron added as a modifier, they make stormy dark purples, grays and even blacks." - Natural Colour by Sasha Duerr

After reading this, I was keen to try some dyeing with loquat leaves so I chopped up some green leaves and added them to a old aluminum preserving pan filled with rainwater. The instructions said to simmer the dyebath until the leaves turn the water a deep pink or red. I simmered the leaves for about 2 hours and still didn't see a deep pink/red colour, it was more a peach/orange colour and wasn't that strong.

After reading that fallen loquat leaves that had turned yellow had given a fluorescent peach colour I collected some yellow leaves to use separately. I chopped them up and put them in a glass jar with some rainwater and placed in the sun.  Colour came off them fairly fast so I added them to another pot of rainwater.
 To the green leaf dyebath I added 50g alpaca yarn, a silk scarf and and a piece of old cotton sheet. I also added a few chopped yellow leaves as I thought it might increase the colour.  The fabric and yarn was simmered for 30 mins and then left in the pot to cool for about 3 hours.
To the yellow dyebath I added 50g alpaca yarn and two silk scarves, simmered them for 30 mins and left to cool.

And here are the results, the alpaca yarn shows the difference between the dyebaths best. The paler colour is from the green leaf dyebath. I find it can be hard to determine actual colours on screen so I matched them up with coloured pencils to try and help.
Colour matches: Prismacolour Peach PC939 & Beige PC997
I was pleased with how well the cotton came out.
Colour: Peach PC939
Finally the silk scarves.  The colours weren't too different between the dyebaths, the green dyebath produced a slightly lighter colour but they were all gorgeous.

Colour matches: Peach PC939 & Beige PC997